Dr. Danielle Gold


I began my career as a  literature teacher, first at a  private university in Tonga, and a high school in Vanuatu, both in the South Pacific Islands, and after in California at World College West.  In Tonga I taught the first generation of Tongan women to receive a university education in their tiny island country, which sparked my interest in appropriate education in developing countries. I pursued a position in international development, and a lucky opportunity landed me my first development job as the director of an education project in Ghana, where I built a dozen preschools and helped communities initiate small businesses.

I went on to spend twenty years managing international development projects in education, health, and business development, mostly in Africa. In 2004 I founded Fearless Planet, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting low income people in developing countries through business enterprise development. Fearless Planet now has projects in Ghana, and Northern Argentina.

In my 40’s I returned to university for my second Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology, and went on to complete my Doctorate in Behavioral Health. I have worked in private practice with couples, families, and individuals, and as a school counselor in the United States, Africa, and South America. I have developed and taught therapeutic programs for children and adolescents in stress management, play and art therapy, and career counseling. In 2012 I moved to Buenos Aires, where I live with my husband and teenage son.